Veretekk Resurrection

the ​act of ​bringing something that had ​disappeared or ​ended back into use or ​existence

Rather than using the common and popular analogy of The Phoenix, which is not accurate in this regards anyway, as Veretekk did not burn into destruction, resurrection both appeals to my own senses and is absolutely accurate of the “Segway” made between Veretekk and Markethive.

Veretekk was way too far ahead before the Internet was ready (as well as the newly arrived netizens), way “before it’s time” as they say. The primary focus of Veretekk was building a large connected social network of Network Marketers, mostly because I had just experienced my first MLM called Powernet (OneSource). After building a huge organization of over 64,000 the company shut down. Fortunately for me many of my contacts had been recorded via my Clientnet software and through my support online forum at But that only saved a small percentage of my downline.

All my contacts via Powernets back office, downline report and the Powernet emails were gone. It was clear to me; this was a disaster for many people who had built spheres of influence. Luckily for me, I had a database of many of my downline.

This catastrophic event is what inspired me to build a social network originally called Wavefour that evolved to be called Veretekk. The primary purpose was for subscribers to be able to invite their friends, downlines, etc. into a system that was a 3rd party from any mlm company, therefore, keeping your sphere of influence available for the long run and within a network that improved the success of the network members.

The social network was the primary purpose of Veretekk, along with pier and company support, training and engagement. This was around 1996. The system was built using CGI script, html and text based databases. Compared to today’s technology, it was very rudimentary.

Lead generation was the next highest priority. Up until Veretekk, leads were acquired by stealing them (mining the Internet) or hijacking a failed MLM companies databases. I personally never accepted this as legitimate or ethical. I wrote volumes on the lead market similar to the slave trade, accept it was your personal information being enslaved and the subsequent annoying phone calls, un solicited faxes, and the very obnoxious spam email. I knew there had to be a better way, especially with the advent of the Internet and technology.

Our first big traffic portal success was called Blastomatic. It offered a free service to submit your FFA (Free For All Links) to the millions of FFA sites on the Internet. That technology in Blastomatic became known as the Hammer. Not only did this remote submission tech work, Blastomatic as a free traffic portal offering this service for free was a huge success. It literally produced millions of excellent leads. Leads that expected calls and communications from the members of Veretekk. If you were a member of Veretekk, you know what I am saying.

This new lead direction today is called “inbound”, produced leads for each individual subscriber, because each subscriber had their own “subdomained” Blastomatic site. And therefore this new “inbound” lead was exclusive to just one person. A success model that protected the lead from getting abused by hundreds of callers and delivered a lead to the subscriber that was easy to work with, receptive and helped 1000s of Veretekk subscribers build serious success in their particular business.

From this Blastomatic phenomena in producing these incredibly valuable “inbound” leads we began building more Traffic Portals that offered a valuable service. Free web sites, Free conference rooms, Free ebooks, Free FFA sites, Free Classifieds, Free blogging platforms, free SEO linking systems. All in all, we peaked at about 40 traffic type portals and lead generation with Veretekk had no competition. These unique traffic portals all hosted on separate domains and naturally evolved into the next powerful service Veretekk offered. SEO!

As the technology of search engines evolved, and the power of back links became known, Veretekk was positioned to exploit this new SEO phenomenon. Since we already had over 20 Traffic Portals we also added another 20 SEO portals, complete with back linking services and back office technology. Now you could easily “daisy chain” all your various portals together, so the robots could naturally follow these links and also add links to each portal, via out sophisticated automated systems, thereby giving you incredible SEO juice for those days. People where ecstatic and raving crazy over the results. We were literally taking the top 10 links on the first page of Google for highly valued keywords. We threw a contest for the words “about”, “free” and “mlm” and within weeks only Veretekk subscribers and their portals took all top positions in the top 5 plus pages. Incredible!

As the evolution of Veretekk grew, broadcasting technology within the Veretekk control panels also evolved. We produced internal tools called, The Hammer, The Drill, The Linker, The Platinum Control Panel that automated back linking submissions, posts to forums and blogs.

Veretekk invented the inbound remote submission systems way before they were even recognized or known as inbound submission systems. Veretekk had broadcasting technology that allowed the subscriber to keep their messages on top, to be able to send private messages in mass to WordPress comment systems, to members within Veretekk and to build massive back link webs.

In 2005 Veretekk launched a 3 level affiliate program that paid out millions automatically over the remainder of Veretekk’s lifetime (about 8 years). The one exceptional thing to note, Veretekk always paid on time and the amounts paid were always accurate to the last dollar. These 20+ years of the mission to lift up the little guy and gal galvanized me to the struggle and desire of the lower and middle class. It has become my mission to help people to reach a level of self-autonomy, to be able raise their children as they wish and live where they want and with relative harmony.  This is not an unreasonable dream. It has been the mission since the early 1990s and even though we have undergone huge changes and have a new vision, the mission has remained the same. The focus has become the “entrepreneur” because it is this nature of the human experience I believe man and woman’s inner drive is inspired by the outer Spirit of the Lord.  I have a powerful love and endearment to the “entrepreneur”.

The drive that made me make Veretekk, the drive that keeps me moving forward with the mission.

Many ask me, what an entrepreneur is. There seems to be many definitions to that question, especially on the Internet. I am an entrepreneur, so my inner workings will help me shape this definition.

Merriam’s definition:
noun: entrepreneur; plural noun: entrepreneurs
a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

The deeper analysis of Entrepreneur:

If you want to be an entrepreneur someday, here’s an equation you should print out and attach to your mirror, computer screen, smartphone, or wherever your eyeballs spend most of their time:

Entrepreneur + Capital = Products + Customers = Business.

Don’t take my word for it. Look at every successful entrepreneur on the planet. That’s the equation that got them there.

But it is deeper than that as well

Entrepreneurs,  in the purest sense,  are those who identify a need—any need—and fill it. It’s a primordial urge, independent of product, service, industry or market.

But the relentless, seek-and-solve breed is our salvation. They are the ones forever craning their necks, addicted to “looking around corners” and “changing the world.” They—not lenders—are the real money multipliers: the ones who turn $1 of capital into $2, then $2 into $10, and $10 into $100.

This is the true essence of entrepreneurship: Define, invest, build, repeat.

But it goes even further in my perspective. I have been an entrepreneur since I was able to think. I have a mind, a spirit, that disassembles things and asks why. The craves knowledge and wisdom for the sake of just knowing and understanding. It is what drives my love of reading. It drives my search for the divine source, my voracious appetite to understand the Bible, but more, the not Bibles, the ancient books, Greek mythology, the Book of Enoch, what are the Nephilim, was their advanced technology societies prior to the great flood?

It is like the food my brain and my spirit crave. To see something and ask why, but even more, like John Kennedy’s quote, To not see something and ask “Why Not”.

So as an entrepreneur, for me and I would guess for most, it is spiritual. There is a deep core drive to make things that do not exist, to improve a process to achieve greater production, not just for the sake of business, but because for the sake of making things work better.

For me, entrepreneurism is the engine the Lord uses to drive me forward in the material sense like my hunger for fellowship drives me forward in my faith.

This is where my love, quest of fellowship and embrace for other entrepreneurs comes from. It is like a brotherhood/sisterhood we all share, intuitively.

So from my perspective as an entrepreneur, I am also a musician, an artist, an inventor, innovator, writer, father, teacher, mentor, dancer and deep thinker. (I would also extend the definition of true entrepreneurialism to public service but only as a true statesman, like Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill and John F Kennedy). And after decades of life as an entrepreneur I have found these traits among all creative people.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, don’t start out wanting to be one. Start out defining a challenge and a solution that solves it. Get capital, support, assets, etc. Produce the solution, market it, and win customers. Someday you’ll wake up and realize what you’ve become: you had a vision, took a risk, started a business, a movement, a revolution, and made money, a difference, a change. An entrepreneur.

Veretekk was the result of the entrepreneurial drive and was built to empower the entrepreneur. It was not as defined when I originally built it. Today, the drive has been defined and Markethive is the latest result.

If you loved Veretekk, you are going to flip over Markethive.

A personal note:

I love our country. I love this industry. I love “entrepreneurs. If I know you and you are reading this, I really do love you. I see what is happening in this country and this industry and it breaks my heart.  So many of my friends are near broke, struggling, trying to make something work. Jobs are virtually nonexistence and the only real option for the masses is to build a business. This is a challenge for most, for many do not understand the process. Many get frustrated and feel all alone in their quest. Many are poorly underfunded or under trained. Many I have known for over 10 years. I am doing something about it. Veretekk was too soon and too far ahead of her time.

This is why I built Markethive. Not just a social network badly needed for entrepreneurs, but a platform that offers way more. A system that offers business sense, business acumen and marketing advantage, a system that is vertically designed to support, inspire and engage all entrepreneurs as a force multiplier.

Not only have I decided to give back over 50% of the advertising revenue Markethive makes to the members, not only is the system designed to build customers on autopilot for her members, not only does the process of the affiliate program offer a sustainable income for the average gal and guy, but the process of the system taps your greatness through the programs and workshops.

I built Markethive for you, so you could stand tall, become a success, a great family provider for the rest of your life. A philanthropist so you can reach out and lift others up, so you can make a difference in a world that has become way too dark. I built Markethive so WE can change the world and WE can bring light back, so WE can make a difference.

Come join the revolution. There is no risk because I have made this system 100% free to you.

It is by Invitation only:

The Affiliate Program:

A true 1 level affiliate program, however, unlike all the rest that maybe pay out as high as 10% Markethive pays up to 50% on all revenue you bring in for advertising. And depending upon your qualifications, we even pay out an additional 5% revenue sharing. This is unheard of and more of that focus I have on empowering you, the hope of the world, the “entrepreneurs”.

Find out more by going to the Markethive blog and studying the plan. It is simple and powerful and empowering.